DepartSure helps healthcare facilities achieve

Fire and Life Safety Compliant Means of Egress

Solutions for Healthcare Life Safety Compliance

Expertise -

  • Door Inspections (Fire, Smoke, Egress)
  • Fire Door Commissioning
  • Exits & Path of Egress - Signage, Identification, and Marking Systems
  • Training
  • Code Consulting
  • Door Hardware (Div 8) Consulting​
Inspection Checklist

Door Inspections

* Fire Door Inspections

* Fire Door Commissioning

* Smoke Door Inspections

* Egress Door Inspections

* Door Inspection Preparation


Egress Paths

Life Safety Compliant Means of Egress

* Exit Door Identification

* Exit Door Signage

* Stairway Identification

* Egress Path Marking

* Egress Illumination


Why Us 2

Why Work With Us?

The Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, defines the inspection of specific doors, as well as other requirements, in Means of Egress.     We have specific experience and knowledge you can trust to achieve Life Safety Compliance in your facility. (More...)