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As facility design professionals, your designs must comply with applicable building, fire, and life safety codes and standards.

While you’re most likely aware of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, and its long-established requirements for fire door installation, you may not be aware the standard now contains inspection requirements to insure new fire door are properly installed.

NFPA 80-2007

NFPA 80 - Requires a documented Inspection of New Fire Door Installations:

Fire door assemblies are a crucial component of a facility's passive fire protection system.

Since the proper operation of fire doors is so important to protecting the life safety of building occupants and containing fires, NFPA 80 -2007 (and later editions) require inspection and review of fire doors following their initial installation. Section 4.9 of NFPA 80 states:

Upon completion of installation, all fire door…assemblies shall be tested to confirm operation…"(4.9.1)

"A written record shall be maintained and shall be made available to the AHJ" (4.9.3) 

NFPA 80 - Inspection Requirements for Hardware Specifications:

To ensure the door hardware contractor complies with - and meets - fire door inspection requirements, we recommend including the following paragraphs in the door hardware specification:

Section 08 71 00 – Door Hardware, Part 1 – General, insert in Paragraph 1.XX: Submittals:

Fire Door Assembly Inspection and Testing: Submit a written and signed report summarizing the results of functional testing and inspection for fire door assemblies, in compliance with NFPA 80-2007/2010 requirements. Written report shall be provided to the Owner, to be made available to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Report shall include the door number for each fire door assembly, door location, door and frame material, fire rating, and summary of deficiencies.

Section 08 71 00 – Door Hardware, Part 3 – Execution, insert in Paragraph 3.XX: Field Inspections:

Fire Door Assembly Inspection and Testing: Provide functional testing and inspection of fire door assemblies in accordance with NFPA 80-2007/2010. Inspections shall be performed by individuals certified by Intertek as a Fire Door Assembly Inspector. Alternatively, inspections may be performed by individuals acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), who have knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the applicable door type, and who have experience in preparing written reports of testing and inspection results.

1. Schedule fire door assembly inspection within 90 days of Substantial Completion of the Project.

2. Submit a signed, written final report as specified in Paragraph 1.XX: Submittals.

3. Contractor shall correct all deficiencies and schedule a re-inspection of fire door assemblies which were noted as deficient on the inspection report.

4. Inspector shall re-inspect fire door assemblies after repairs are made.

5. Additional re-inspections which are required due to incomplete repairs will be performed by the inspector at the expense of the Contractor.

Independent Hardware Consultant:

If you are designing a facility and desire an unbiased door hardware specification, we provide consulting services for the following specification sections:

Specification Sections Included in Consulting Services Scope

  • Section 08 71 00 Door Hardware
  • Section 08 74 00 Access Control Hardware
  • Section 28 13 00 Access Control

1. Prepare complete door hardware contract documents, including hardware specifications and hardware schedules

2. Provide project specific product catalog cuts, when requested

3. Assist with product substitution requests, application and product questions/RFIs, and the value engineering process

4. Review and mark-up all sets of submittal and shop drawings as necessary

5. Consult, advise, and adhere to applicable local codes, regulations and owner product standards and requests (as directed by lead project architect or project manager)

6. Inspect openings and products on renovation projects and provide recommendations and solutions when requested

7. Coordinate with project consultants or contractors when requested by the lead project architect or project manager

8. Review, inspect or confirm existing opening conditions and hardware on renovation or building addition projects

9. Participate in pre and post installation meetings when requested by lead project architect or project manager

10. Provide above within project deadlines and schedules

11. Submit monthly detailed and project specific invoices

Likewise, our professionals review and comment on existing door hardware specifications. We can be your second set of eyes to ensure the specified doors and hardware (including access control) meet life safety code requirements and are not “over-allocated” with door hardware requirements. Combined, we have well over 20 years of door hardware and specification writing experience.

While your focus is function and aesthetics, our door hardware professionals carefully consider whether choices made meet codes and standards requirements. Our cost-effectiveness happens if we’re involved early in the design process. Our third-party review services can help you obtain approval for your designs or permits. If you’ve already received a design denial or notice of a deficiency, we can help. We’ve helped clients save thousands of dollars based on our expert understanding of code intent.

DepartSure is your expert, go-to source for:

DepartSure Fire Door Inspections
  • ​Unbiased door hardware specifications and recommendations
  • Staff training on codes and standards
  • Negotiation or explanation by speaking the language of AHJs
  • Life safety and Code Consulting