Fire Door Risk

Throughout the design, review, permit, and construction phases of a facility, fire protection systems (both passive and active) are recognized as vital components of the design. Egress, smoke, and fire doors are recognized as necessary and required elements. Insurers recognize these elements play a vital role ensuring building occupant safety while containing loss risk in the event of a fire emergency.

With proper operation of the fire protection system paramount, insurers are requesting confirmation (via functional tests and inspection plus written reports) documenting these building elements function as intended prior to issuing an insurance policy.

Larger facilities mean higher risks and property casualty insurers want to be sure building elements that may reduce losses are functioning properly.

Compliant Fire Doors Make Good Business Sense

We know of quite a few instances where an insurer has requested review of the fire doors in a facility prior to issuing an insurance. Three examples include: One instance was at a very large manufacturing facility on the United States’ west coast, one instance was in a high rise office building in a city on the United States’ east coast, and one instance was a national hotel chain which required review of several of their larger facilities nationwide.

When requested by an insurer, either separately or as part of a formal commissioning process, DepartSure will conduct a review of all doors (egress, smoke, and fire) as requested and issue reports to the insurer, owner, and AHJ.

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