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Door Inspection in Primary Education

The requirements for doors in education vary across the type of education and the facilities involved.

Primary and Secondary:

Consider elementary and secondary (high school) education facilities. With these schools the target of mass shootings, communities are demanding an immediate and effective solution for classroom security. Many schools are implementing so called ‘barricade devices’ to retain doors in the closed position in the event of a shooting emergency and sale of these devices is on the rise. Yet the use of these devices is extremely controversial. They supposedly keep the bad guys out, but in the process they inhibit free egress, thus endangering life safety (the ability to flee). We advise schools not to implement these so called ‘solutions’ because there is a better approach.

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Many state education departments seek to ensure elementary and high schools have safe egress in the event of a fire – or other – emergency. They are implementing annual egress and fire door inspections as a means to ensure this. DepartSure can also assist by completing and documenting the required inspections.

Higher Education:

University Door Inspections

Colleges and universities have a mix of occupancies (assembly, office, dormitory), all with very different life safety and means of egress requirements.

Facility managers recognize the risks to students and staff in each of these different occupancies and the need to bring doors into compliance with the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101.

Many are implementing door inspections to ensure occupant safety.

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