Why Us?


DepartSure was formed to assist facility managers in healthcare achieve compliance with NFPA 101 -2012, The Life Safety Code (LSC), Chapter 7, Means of Egress.

Within the Means of Egress chapter, DepartSure primarily focuses on achieving compliance with Section, Inspection of Door Openings.

We inspect all doors and all elements defined in this section, including fire doors and smoke doors per NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, respectively.

Fire-rated door assemblies must be inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 80-2010, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Smoke doors must be inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 105-2010, Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives.  

We also help identify and achieve life safety compliance with other elements in the Means of Egress (see here).

We assist architects and spec writers with NFPA 80 compliance since the standard stipulates inspection during commissioning of new fire-rated door assemblies - and the inspection documented - as soon as installation is completed.

Our background includes over two decades involvement in codes and standards and designing door hardware to meet code requirements.  

DepartSure makes compliance easy.  

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